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About God Narada

Here Are Some Amazing Facts About Narada

1. Narada was an acquaintance of Rishi Valmiki. When Valmiki asked Narada about a holy man who had no flaws, Narada mentioned Lord Rama, the prince of Ayodhya. It was then that Narada narrated the story of Lord Rama to him and Valmiki was convinced he would write a great poem in honor of Lord Rama.

2. He was the son of Lord Brahma, who is the creator God of the Universe. Narad is one of the twelve immortals or Chiranjeevis in Hindu mythology and also a close advisor of the Gods.

2. Narada was a great Bhakt of Lord Vishnu or Narayana. He continuously sang devotional songs about Lord Vishnu in which he praised the Lord and his various glories. He was a master musician who was expert at playing the veena.

3. He was also an important character in the Mahabharata. Narada provided company to the Pandavas when they were living in exile in the forest. Narada also advised Yudhistira about the ideal way to live a Dharmic life and taught him the importance of humility.

4. Narada also popularized the Mahabharata by reciting it in front of the Gods who were in awe of the stories of this great scripture.

5. He also had the ability to travel between the three Lokas at will and he could do so in lightning fast speed.

6. Narada was the messenger of the Gods. Whenever there was some major crisis awaiting heaven and earth, Narada would come to know of it and he alerted the Gods to take action.

7. Many sages acknowledged Narada as a great scholar and master of the Vedas.

8. Although Narada is sometimes perceived as a mischievous character, he always did things for the greater good of the Universe.

9. Narada taught human beings about the importance of Dharma or living a righteous life. He spread divine knowledge to the masses and preached the importance of devotion and faith.

10. He was a great initiator of Bhakti and his Bhakti Sutra is one of the main scriptures referenced in the Bola Deposit Pulsa.