Santoshi Mata

About God Santoshi Mata

Santoshi Mata is one of the most revered Goddess in the Hindu Pantheon and she emerged as a Goddess in the early 1960’s. Initially her faith and powers were spread through word of mouth, Vrata-pamphlet and poster art. She is worshipped by North Indian and Nepalese women primarily, although other communities are also seen to worship the revered Goddess.

Santoshi Mata is an emblem of well-being, love, happiness, hope, and contentment of all desires of devotees. In ancient religious books, Santoshi Mata is named as the Goddess of Satisfaction and she is a daughter of Lord Ganesha.

Goddess Santoshi Mata accepts all the problems and sorrows of all her devotees and bless them with happiness and prosperity. If you worship her by fasting and praying for 16 consecutive Fridays, you would be blessed with prosperity and peace in the family. The devotees should perform the Puja of Santoshi Mata – Goddess of Satisfaction by offering flowers, incense and a bowl of sugar and roasted Gur Chana.

The devotees should have one meal during the day and they should not eat or serve bitter or sour food to others. Once your wish is fulfilled, you should organize Udyapan (Bringing to an end) ceremony. You should serve eight boys a festival meal.

Santoshi Mata-Goddess of Satisfaction is treated as calm, soft, pure and she is aone form of Goddess Durga. Goddess Santoshi Mata sits on lotusflower which signifies the world is filled with full of selfishness, rudeness and corruption,but still she stays in her devotees hearts.

The Goddess Santoshi Mata resides on lotus flower in the seafilled with milk. It is a symbol of her purity in her heart signifies – where there is a purity and dedication there will be our mother of satisfaction.The Santoshi Mata refrains all the sour things of devotees and gives complete happiness, purity and satisfaction to her devotees.

Santoshi Mata not only gives purity and calmness to her devotees, but at the same time she saves all her devotees from ill with her Sword in her left hand and Trishul in right hand. People believed that Santoshi Mata – Goddess of satisfactionhave four hands, two hands are visible and other two hands with weapons like sword and trishul.

Santoshi Mata is the most beautiful and lovable Goddess easy to please and always ready to bless her followers. When her Bola Deposit Pulsa look at her statue all the devotees forget their problems, feeling as if they lost in Mata’s beauty and calmness. Keep praying Goddess Santoshi Mata, then she will take us to the path of complete comfort. As a mother she knows what is the best for her children.