Celebrating The Big Day Guru Purnima

This time we will tell you where to go if we go to India, and where there are very beautiful places, anyway? Of course we will tell you we will tell you some beautiful destinations and make your eyes be opened.

Ashadhi Purnima is celebrated as Guru Purnima. The mind is connected to the moon. And the full moon is a symbol of perfection, celebration and celebration. On this day, we celebrate both knowledge and love together. Purnachandra is a symbol of love and knowledge. This day is a reflection of the accumulated expenses of our lives. It is a day to express our gratitude for what we have received and to give up our resolve to do what we want to do in the years to come. To be aware of all this and to be grateful for what we have got, is to celebrate all these and the wisdom that has been preserved through Guru Purnima.

We feel the flow of grace in our lives. Greater gratitude means more grace. That means more grace

More happiness, more knowledge. No one knows when this tradition began. For millions of years, many sages and saints have passed away on this earth, and many will be in the future. We thank you for continuing to be a source of knowledge for all those in the past, present and future. We are grateful to see the changes in our lives with spiritual knowledge.

Without knowledge, there is no ‘living’ without wisdom, but simply ‘existing’. Life begins with knowledge. Guru is the most magnificent, the greatest. When gravity comes into our consciousness, wisdom comes in life. When all boundaries disappear, there is unity for all around us and unity for the whole universe is called gravity. When we go completely free, gravity emerges in life. Do you ever feel like doing something for someone without expecting anything? Then you’ve played the role of a guru.

Mother is the first Guru. Then teachers, such as teachers who teach the harp, Bola Deposit Pulsa. The Sadguru gives you the true, spiritual knowledge of the ultimate reality of truth. On Thursday, everyone should ponder, “Where was I before I got this knowledge? Where am I now? Without this knowledge, the sense of gratitude that comes from knowing where you have become can be a source of gratitude.

How fortunate you are to realize the infinity of your body in such a narrow frame of mind and body. Body bodies are limited, but the expression of the soul is infinite.

For the seeker, Gurupurnima is the beginning of a new year, because it is a celebration of the manifestation of Divinity, a whole year being on the spiritual path. A year of feeling united and seeing the world through the eyes of the Guru. He is a guiding star for you. Let me do what a Guru, a wise man would have done in such a situation. A wise person never responds. You can learn to keep repeating yourself in the place of a guru or a wise person – with infinite patience, with great wisdom, with full compassion and unmatched joy. It is important that we love and love others unconditionally. What do you think he gave me in return for what I did so much for this person? By doing this you make the other person feel that you have done them a great favor by loving them. You should not do that. Love is your nature. It is to act respectfully, naturally, with compassion and with simplicity. And we have these qualities in birth. Dedicate all your virtues and become empty and empty