Experts Warn Diet of ‘Disturbing’ Cotton Balls to be ‘Extremely Dangerous’

Experts Warn Diet of ‘Disturbing’ Cotton Balls to be ‘Extremely Dangerous’

There are a number of YouTube videos giving tips, recipes and instructions on this new fad that has rapidly gained popularity, and happens to be growing cause of concern to many. Termed as the Cotton Ball Diet, the videos promise easy weight loss by taking in juice soaked cotton balls. Very popular with teenagers, these videos show teens eating cotton balls. One example is a self-documentary of a young teenage boy who follows the cotton ball diet and another example being of a young woman in work-out gear who is trying out this diet without mentioning it.

Possibility of Causing Serious Side Effects

ABC 10 News analysed the diet as being “disturbing” and “extremely dangerous.” The major problem is that these cotton balls carry neither minerals nor vitamins and become stagnant in intestines and the stomach. As per statements of a registered dietician, this can be dangerous as the digestive system gets blocked, which gives rise to a number of gastrointestinal complications. The main purpose of swallowing cotton balls is to subdue hunger, but this kind of a diet is bound to have side-effects.

When looked at from the point of view of the big picture, what is even more alarming is that, the diet itself is not as big a problem as easy access to fad diets promising unrealistic results. People, especially adolescents happen to trust the media way more than they should; as such, a video on YouTube is considered to be a strong fact.

Sadly, this is not the first kind of fad diet that has been put out with strange rules. Some more crazy diets have been pointed out by a popular blog, Hello Giggles, and some of the examples are as follows.

One fad diet suggests eating eggs and consuming wine alone and nothing else throughout the day. Yet another popular one advises on drinking a lemonade type of concentrated concoction that is followed for a period of two weeks. Another one suggests eating cookies, grapefruits, and baby food. There is yet another strange one that promotes meals based on World War II rations.

WebMD states that fad diets are famous for the reason that they offer quick solutions to tough problems which otherwise, are painstakingly uphill tasks. As much as a car will need proper dose of gasoline in order to make it run, the body requires a healthy diet in order to develop properly; therefore the body is not going to work properly when deprived. This means there must be a right balance, which includes carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, and a number of other nutrients. These fad diets, regardless of how popular they happen to be, can never offer proper nutrition to render long lasting results!